Who We Are

BELLE STARR Accessories

Founders Guadalupe Lozano and Molly Mitchell were brought together by their love of jewelry and their storied careers in the accessories industry. Always on the hunt for inspiration, they came across the legendary tales of Belle Starr and a seed was planted. What blossomed was a collection of quality handcrafted jewelry for the modern woman that carries the flair, vintage charm, and spirit of the women who came before.

Each earring, ring, bracelet and necklace tells the story of their namesake, Belle Starr. Born and raised in Texas, Mississippi and Oklahoma in the mid 1800’s, Belle was taught etiquette, manners, and all the social graces expected of a woman of that era….and promptly tossed them out the window to follow her heart across the wild west. Bold and daring, but never losing her taste for glamour and elegance, she quickly became a folk legend.

Every piece of jewelry is designed by Guadalupe and Molly, and hand-made by a talented team of artisans in Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende. They use classic techniques like lost wax casting and feature luxury materials like Swarovski crystals, fresh water pearls and natural stones. These timeless pieces embrace the inspiring life of Belle Starr, with each collection featuring an element of her story - a nod to the Texas rose, to the horseshoe, to her rebellious nature, to her flair for fashion… Each piece honors her vibrant life, her trailblazing heart, and her impeccable taste.


Guadalupe’s eye for glamour got a chance to really dazzle during her time working at Swarovski, where she earned the Excellence Award four times and traveled around the world to help brands find cutting-edge ways to integrate luxury crystals into their designs. Guadalupe and Belle share a love of fashion, but it’s their unique ability to be both bold and understated, innovative and elegant that makes them kindred spirits.

Molly cut her teeth in the jewelry business in the USA by becoming an expert in vintage jewelry and luxury accessories. But much like Belle Starr, Molly’s heart pulled her toward the open road. She took a leap of faith and moved to Mexico to work with talented jewelry designers and artisans, growing her understanding of the value of quality craftsmanship.

Together, Guadalupe and Molly create jewelry infused with the boldness, daring, and glamour of women like Belle Starr. It’s not just a piece of jewelry, it’s a legacy you carry forward into your own great adventures.